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Stuart H. Loory, "Reporter Tails 'Freedom' Bus, Caught in Riot."
New York Herald Tribune, May 21, 1961.

MONTGOMERY, Ala., May 20.--A wild mob of men and women, uncontrolled by police, pounced on newsmen and then on a group of nineteen Negro and white students who alighted today at the Greyhound bus terminal here after a ride from Birmingham to test segregated intrastate bus practices...

Using metal pipes, baseball bats, sticks and fists, the mob surged on the small group of Freedom Riders, clubbing, punching, chasing and beating both whites and Negroes. When some of the bus riders began to run, the mob went after them, caught them and threw them to the ground. The attackers stomped on at least two of them. One of the mobsters carried an open knife but didn't use it.

In two hours it was over, after the police used tear gas. The toll was twenty-two injured with five of them in the hospital. Of the injured, eight were white... [, among them] John Seigenthaler, thirty-two, administrative assistant to United States Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy.

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