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(July 20, 1911-April 15, 1989) Born Edward Moritz Brecher in Minneapolis. Educated at University of Wisconsin (1928-30), Swarthmore College (B.A., 1932), University of Minnesota (M.A., 1934), and Brown University (1934-35). Worked for U.S. Senate Committee on Interstate Commerce as research supervisor (1938-41), as assistant to the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (1941-46), as associate editor of Consumer Reports (1947-51), and as editor for the United Nations Technical Assistance Administration (1951-52). Beginning in 1952 earned living as freelance writer with wife, Ruth Brecher; they co-authored Medical and Hospital Benefit Plans (1961), The Rays: A History of Radiology (1969), and articles in Harper's, Saturday Evening Post, Redbook, and other national magazines; co-edited An Analysis of Human Sexual Response (1966). After wife's death in 1966 published The Sex Researchers (1969), Licit and Illicit Drugs: The Consumers Union Report (1972), Methadone Treatment Manual (1973), Health Care in Correctional Institutions (1975), Treatment Programs for Sex Offenders (1978), Love, Sex, and Aging: A Consumers Union Report (1982). Published New York Times Magazine article "Opting for Suicide" after colon cancer diagnosis; died by suicide in Cornwall, Connecticut.