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(August 14, 1925- ) Born in Loudoun County, Virginia. Graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 1947. After college worked for Baltimore Sun; joined New York Times Washington bureau in 1954, and wrote "Observer" column for Times from 1962 to 1998. Winner of 1979 Pulitzer Prize for commentary. Author of City on the Potomac (1958), American in Washington (1961), No Cause for Panic (1964), All Things Considered (1965), Our Next President (1968), Poor Russell's Almanac (1972), The Upside Down Man (1977), So This Is Depravity (1980), Growing Up (1982), The Rescue of Miss Yaskell and Other Pipe Dreams (1983), The Good Times (1989), There's a Country in My Cellar (1990), and Looking Back (2002).