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(August 9, 1923- ) Born George Burr Leonard Jr. in Macon, Georgia. Educated at University of North Carolina. Served as combat pilot in U.S. Army Air Forces in South Pacific during World War II, and as intelligence officer during Korean War. Joined staff of Look magazine in 1953, reporting on education, foreign affairs, and civil rights movement until 1970; afterward worked as freelance writer and contributing editor for Esquire. Currently co-owner of Aikido of Tamalpais dojo in Mill Valley, California; serves as president of the Esalen Institute. His books include The Decline of the American Male (1958, with William Atwood and J. Robert Moskin), Shoulder the Sky (novel, 1959), Education and Ecstasy (1968), The Man and Woman Thing, and Other Provocations (1970), The Transformation: A Guide to the Inevitable Changes in Humankind (1972), The Ultimate Athlete (1975), The Silent Pulse (1978), The End of Sex: Erotic Love after the Sexual Revolution (1983), Walking on the Edge of the World (1988, memoir), Mastery: The Keys to Long-Term Success and Fulfillment (1992), The Life We Are Given: A Long Term Program for Realizing the Potential of Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul (1995, with Michael Murphy; program currently subject of studies at Stanford University Medical School), and The Way of Aikido: Life Lessons from an American Sensei (1999).