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(June 16, 1920-September 9, 1980) Born in Dallas. Went to France at 15 to complete education; studied medicine at University of Poitiers, and worked as assistant to director of Asylum of Tours. After outbreak of war, aided in evacuation of Jewish children. Returned to U.S. in 1941. Enlisted in U.S. Army Air Forces; wounded during Japanese air raid, partially losing his sight. Wrote novels The Devil Rides Outside (1952) and Nuni (1956) about wartime experiences. Recovered sight in 1957. Proposed series of articles to editor of Sepia, eventually expanded and published as Black Like Me (1961). Finished book in Mexico after he was hanged in effigy in his Texas hometown. Later wrote The Church and the Black Man (1969), A Time To Be Human (1977), and books about Thomas Merton: A Hidden Wholeness (1970), and posthumously published Hermitage Journals (1981) and Follow the Ecstasy: Thomas Merton, the Hermitage Years, 1965-1968 (1983). Died in Fort Worth.