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(January 14, 1928- ) Born in New York City; graduated from Harvard in 1947, after which he worked as a reporter for New York Journal of Commerce, associate editor of Labor and Nation, editor of Real Detective magazine, and of Hillman Books (1947-51). From 1951 to 1954 served as associate editor at Esquire. Since 1954 has published widely as freelance writer, and written many books including novels The Experts (1955) and A Voice That Fills the House (1959), and nonfiction Wall Street: Men and Money (1955), Hi-Fi (1956), Madison Avenue, USA (1958), The Schools (1961), Where, When, and Why (1963), Emory Buckner (1968), All You Know Is Facts (1969), The Teacher's Strike: New York, 1968 (1969), About Television (1972), The Bankers (1974), Today and Tomorrow in America (1976), The Builders: Houses, People, Neighborhoods, Governments, Money (1978), Trigger Points (1979), The Fate of the Dollar (1980), The Diplomats (1983), The Money Bazaars: Understanding the Banking Revolution around Us (1984), Grandissimo Pavarotti (1986), Markets: Who Plays, Who Risks, Who Gains, Who Loses (1988), The Greatest Bank Robbery Ever: The Collapse of the Savings and Loan Industry (1990), Whatever Happened to Madison Avenue?: Advertising in the '90s (1991), Stealing the Market (1992), Nightmare on Wall Street: Salomon Brothers and the Corruption of the Marketplace (1993), Making News (1993), and The Fed: The Inside Story of How the World's Most Powerful Financial Institution Drives the Markets (2001).