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(August 24, 1935-October 23, 1994) Born Andrew David Kopkind in New Haven, Connecticut. Educated at Cornell (B.A., 1957), where he was editor of the Cornell Daily Sun; after college worked as a reporter for the Washington Post (1958-59) and studied at the London School of Economics (M.S., 1961). Joined staff of Time in 1961, reporting mainly from California. Served as New Republic associate editor (1965-67) and as correspondent for New Statesman (1965-69); reported on SNCC and SDS. Founded Hard Times in 1968; edited Ramparts (1970). Lived for part of 1970s in rural Vermont commune. From 1982 until his death wrote regularly for The Nation. Author of two collections of articles, America: The Mixed Curse (1969) and The Thirty Years' Wars: Dispatches and Diversions of a Radical Journalist, 1965-1994 (published posthumously in 1995).