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Selected Bibliography
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"King's SCLC Enters Mississippi: Which Way in Grenada?" Southern Patriot, August 1966 (reprinted in Reporting Civil Rights: American Journalism 1963-1973).
"Anatomy of a Black Panther: What They're Saying in Lowndes County," Southern Patriot, October 1966.
"Mississippi Hopes Center in Sunflower," Southern Patriot March 1967.
"Views, Hopes of Sunflower Candidates," Southern Patriot, April 1967
"Committee of the Absurd: A Non-Play (LUAC Farce Opens in Lafayette)," Southern Patriot, April 1967.
"The Sunflower Election: Negroes Not Represented," Southern Patriot, May 1967.
"Jackson: Death of a Movement Soldier," Southern Patriot, June 1967.