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Selected Bibliography
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"The Subtle Whip," Look, June 26, 1956.
"Memo from Mississippi," Look, January 19, 1960.
"The Second Battle of Atlanta," Look, April 25, 1961.
(with T. George Harris and Christopher S. Wren) "How a Secret Deal Prevented a Massacre at Ole Miss," Look, December 31, 1962 (reprinted in Reporting Civil Rights: American Journalism 1941-1963).
"A Southerner Appeals to the North: Don't Make Our Mistake!" Look, August 11, 1964.
"Midnight Plane to Alabama," Nation, May 10, 1965 (reprinted in Reporting Civil Rights: American Journalism 1963-1973).
"Mind and Soul of the South," Look, November 16, 1965.
"Not Black Power, But Human Power: An Interview with Lillian Smith," Look, September 6, 1966.
"Who Will Count His Vote?" Look, August 20, 1968 .