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John  Herbers
Selected Bibliography
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"The Reporter in the Deep South," Nieman Reports, April 1962 (reprinted in Reporting Civil Rights: American Journalism 1941-1963).
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"Martin Luther King and 17 Others Jailed Trying To Integrate St. Augustine Restaurant," The New York Times, June 12, 1964 (reprinted in Reporting Civil Rights: American Journalism 1963-1973).
"Freedom School Held Under Fire," New York Times, July 2, 1964.
"Critical Test for the Nonviolent Way," New York Times Magazine, July 5, 1964.
"Freedom School Is Ruined by Fire," New York Times, March 6, 1965.
"Panel on Civil Disorders Calls for Drastic Action To Avoid 2-Nation Society," New York Times, March 1, 1968.
"Urban Blacks Press for Gains with Reasoned Radical Tactics," New York Times, May 19, 1970.