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Selected Bibliography
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(with James Stokely) "In Clinton, Tennessee," Nation, December 22, 1956.
(with James Stokely) "Montgomery Morning," Nation, January 5, 1957 (reprinted in Reporting Civil Rights: American Journalism 1941-1963).
(with James Stokely) "Failure of a Hate Mission," Nation, April 20, 1957.
(with James Stokely) "McCarthyism under the Magnolias," Progressive, July 1959.
(with James Stokely) "√ęThe South' in the North," New York Times Magazine, April 17, 1960.
(with James Stokely) "Sit Down Chillun, Sit Down!" Progressive, June 1960.
(with James Stokely) "The Big Cure for Segregation," New York Times Magazine, September 5, 1962.